Monday, October 26, 2009

Ray City Mayor Carl Camon, U.S. Senate Candidate R.J. Hadley, State Representative DuBose Porter & Secretary of State Candidate Michael Mills all attended the Democratic Rally sponsered by the Houston County Democratic Party & Middle Georgia Democratic Women Commitee led by Kristina Sims, who is President of the Organization.

Carl Camon, Dubose Porter, R.J. Hadley & Michael Mills all attended the Forum at Creekwood Park in Perry on Saturday. All the candidates were great. Let me break it down in my own words:
Carl Camon along with his campaign manager Jameson Brewer arrived first at the event. Carl gave a rousing speech to the faithful. He is a candidate democrats need to take seriously. This man, who I've met earlier over at a Meet & Greet at Ft. Valley State University is the real deal! He has a great knack of the issues, especially education, (which is going to be the big issue in 2010). Camon will be campaigning full time now, he told me at the Forum. Camon is your classic outsider & who is someone I consider the darkhorse in the race for Governor. He had to leave early to attend another event in South Georgia, but if you have not heard this man speak in person, you better soon. He is legit.
DuBose Porter was next & he gave a rousing, passionate speech as well. Porter stressed his 27 yr Legislative record in the General Assembly, as well as some of his accomplishments. He also stressed to the crowd that it was important for democrats to take back control of the house from the republicans so the state can move forward again. (I agree with him 100% on that one) We talked for a while & we talked about a whole range of issues from Agriculture, Jobs, & Congressional Races. I'll say this, DuBose has paid his dues & he wants best for the state more than anybody. Again the estabilshment democrats need to get their heads out of the clouds over the prospect of Roy Barnes coming to save the day for the party, while you have DuBose Porter as well as Carl Camon & let's not forget David Poythress as strong, viable options who maybe better positioned to win in 2010 due to geography, baggage, & polarization.
Next Michael Mills, candidate for Secretary of State spoke & he was vey impressive. A close friend of former Lt. Governor Mark Taylor, Mills is a small Business owner who was selected to Georgia's Trend 40 under 40. Michael stresses the need to grow jobs, giving citizens a right to vote, & to limit unnecessary barriers for citizens who want to vote. He is a young democrat, who I'm behind 100% in his bid to become Georgia's next Secretary of State. Very engaging & brings alot of substance to the table, not just general talking points.
And last R.J. Hadley, who is running aginst Johnny Isakson for the U.S. Senate in 2010. I was very impressed by this young, Ivy League canddiate. He has great speaking ability, he really had the crowd's attention. He spoke about how Georgia can do better that what we have no up in washington & that is Johnny Isakson. He is not someone who will just sit on his tail & accept the Status Quo. I am sold on his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. He, in my opinion is a future star for Georgia Democrats. He is not a big-ticket recruit by the DSCC, nor the State democratic party. He just answered the call when others are just too doggone afraid to run against a man who is a spitting image of Saxby Chambliss as far as voting goes. In other words, he just "MANNED UP"! He had courage, he had guts to run when no one came forward. I respect someone like that. Hadley is a guy who will surprise alot of folks in this state once 2010 rolls around. He has a good shot of upsetting Isakson. I was glad to finally meet Mr. Hadley. After seeing & hearing him, he's got my vote. Dems better get behind his candidacy because I predict there will be no one else stepping forward to run in the democratic primary in 2010.
Kudos to Kristina Sims (who was great) & the Houston Co. Democrats & Middle Georgia Democratic Women for hosting this event. The food was great & the music was awesome.

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