Monday, October 19, 2009

DuBose Porter Makes Stop in Sumter County> (From the Americus Times Recorder)

DuBose Porter pulls up in his white truck, suit jacket off and a big smile on his face as he greets the day and the reporter waiting for him. Apologizing for being late, explaining it’s due to his involvement in a panel that ran over in Callaway and “I think I turned around too quick,” Porter sat down and got to business right away.

DuBose Porter is running for governor of the state of Georgia, and he bases his thoughts on faith, family and the economy.

Born in Dublin, Ga., Porter graduated from Dublin High School and received his undergraduate degree from Davidson College. He interned with U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn in Washington, D.C. Seeing Nunn’s ability to help others convinced Porter to devote his life to public service.

In a conversation prior to a speaking engagement at the Americus Kiwanis Club, Porter spoke of his over 27-year legislative career which has centered on two beliefs: speak for the people and create economic opportunity.

Porter said, “The days of attracting high quality industry to our state, with massive incentives alone, have passed. What we must do is demonstrate that we have a healthy, well-educated workforce. Accepting progressive technology methods, empowering our teachers, partnering with parents in K-12 and strengthening our technical colleges, community colleges and universities will secure a healthy economy for our future. Education means more people working and sharing the tax burden with us all.”

He also added that “For Georgia to move forward we must have a functioning transportation system. Georgia needs a mass transit/multi-modal transportation system to end gridlock. It also needs working roads, turning lanes and curb cuts to attract industry. With team building leadership in the Governor’s Office we can unite urban and rural areas of our state with a transportation system that drives Georgia’s economy forward.”

DuBose and his family are avid outdoorsmen. They are active members of the First United Methodist Church in Dublin, where Dubose served on the Administrative Board and Carol teaches Sunday School.

Porter was elected Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives in 2003, and leader of the House Democratic Caucus in 2005. He has served as chair of both Education and Higher Education committees and now serves on Appropriations, Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, and Rules and Ethics committees.

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