Monday, September 21, 2009

News from the Weekend

State Senator Ed Tarver was nominated for the U.S. Attoenry post for the Southern Distict of Georgia by Presedent Obama & Former State Senator Michael Moore of Warner Robins was nominated for the U.S. Attorney Post for the Middle District. Both will have to be confirmed by the senate.
Members of the, a premier gun rights advocacy group in the state which fights for individuals rights to bear arms, were joined by John Monds, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Georgia.

Starting out their morning at the Lil’ Red Barn in Ellaville, where they had breakfast. They journeyed out to their newly adopted mile on U.S. Highway 19 South in Ellaville, where they spent the morning cleaning up the area.
The group then made the journey to Ryan’s where they enjoyed lunch and heard from Monds, and Fundraising Chairman of Georgia Carry, Chuck Turney.

Monds came at the groups invitation to the event, where he gave the group a short talk about why he was running for Governor, and what he stood for. Monds then opened the floor for a question and answer session on his stances on issues facing not only gun owners, but state citizens. The group thanked Monds for coming, to which he responded, “I love coming to places like these, and talking to people about Freedom.”

TIFTON — U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall told the 60 or so people in attendance at a town hall meeting Saturday at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center that health care reform is crucial but “a gradual transition” is the course to take.

Marshall said that if the current health care system continues, $40 trillion of the estimated $50 trillion in debt the nation will have in 20 years will be for health care. In a written letter Marshall’s staff handed those who attended the meeting, Marshall wrote “I believe we need to gradually transition to a health care system that gives individual Americans greater control and responsibility for their health. Our current system is fundamentally broken. It is well intended but grossly wasteful.”

Marshall said that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and military retirements are mandatory expenses the government will pay over years and that the future budget will probably have enough funding to pay those, but nothing else.

Marshall said there are five proposed health care reform bills “floating around” and that each of them changes daily, making it difficult for the public and for those in office to keep up and understand the complex documents. He said that he didn’t believe that any of the proposed bills change Medicare.

Marshall said he would not vote for the House bill as it stands now or any of the other bills currently proposed.

Discussing tax reform, Marshall said he didn’t believe the “fair tax,” the proposed national sales tax, would work. He said it would unfairly tax the middle-income class.

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