Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kingston's town hall meeting packs in historical crowd

Camden County- During Rep. Jack Kingston's health care town hall meeting that packed the county recreation center with a crowd of 500 on Monday, the congressman assured residents that Congress is listening to the public's outcry on proposed health care reform.

By the time Kingston took the stage at 10 a.m., there were few seats remaining in the Camden Community Recreation Center's auditorium. After scanning the audience, Kingston began his address with a lighthearted joke, saying he hoped the attendance level wasn't violating the facility's fire code.

The crowd set town hall meeting attendance history in Camden just as it did in Valdosta, Kingston said. On Monday morning, some came with questions, others brought prepared statements, many came just as they were with no expectations and a few with small children in tow came brandishing homemade pro-life banners.

Although the crowd was politically passionate, the audience was orderly and respectful. The crowd's questions and comments varied from the concerns of small business mandates to provide health insurance to others rooted in states' rights.

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