Monday, September 28, 2009

If Roy Barnes is fed up with Democrats, then he should pack his bags & head back to Marietta (in other words, drop out of the democratic primary)

I'm fed up with both the Democrats and the Republicans. I'd be a Bull Moose or a Whig if they still had a party. Those were the comments made by former Governor Roy Barnes. Now, I understand being fed up with the republicans, who have had a hold on the governor's mansion for 7, going on 8 years, & the State Senate since 2002 & the State House since 2005. Their inability to solve some of the state's biggest & most pressing needs would have anyone fed up with them. party
But What I don't understand is why go after your own party? The last time I checked, it was under the leadership of Roy Barnes that the dems lost control of the governor's post, the State Senate & three years later the State House. It was under his leadership that democrats fell into the minority status that it endures today. Now various other circumstances hurt dems back in 2002 like the 9/11 attacks, the abrupt change of the old state flag, among other things. But don't say that you are fed up with the democrats, who have put forwward an agenda to fully fund our public schools, to increase pay for teachers, to create jobs, to keep taxes low for middle class families, to help & protect our farmers, etc only to be slapped down by the Ultra-Conservative Republican Majority, eho only care about giving tax breaks to corporations, proposing idiotic legislation to cater to their hardline base & milking every dollar & cents from lobbyist & special interest groups at the State Capitol.
If you are fed up with the democrats here in Georgia, then you should drop out of the race & let someone who wants to represent the democratic party in 2010 like David Poythress, DuBose Porter, Carl Camon, Thurbert Baker, you know folks who are not ashamed of being called a "DEMOCRAT". This looks like a case of Double-Speak, say one thing when you are up in the Metro Atlanta area & say another when you come to the "Other" Georgia. Voters are going to see right past that & will not be bamboozled by the slick double-speak coming out of your mouth. I wonder how much democratic support he will lose just by making those comments among hardcore democrats? Only time will tell.

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