Thursday, September 17, 2009

I you wonder why Racism is such a sensitive topic for us Americans to Discuss.

I knew when former president Jimmy Carter made those comments about racism it would set off a firestorm. All he said was there are "fringe elements" out there who are either racist or use racism in their opposition to President Barack Obama. At these Tea Party rallies, the majority of people are their to voice their concern about the direction of the country like ther rising deficit, record debt, our financial system, our way of life, etc. Now those are legitimate concerns, but when you see some of the signs & comments made by some at these rallies, there not talking about these core issues, they are expressing their disdain for the president. There are some folks who don't think that the president is not a U.S. Citizen, of that he was born in Kenya, or he is a secret muslim, things that absolutely does not make any sense. Now I have thought that some of these folks at these rallies use the concerns like deficits, or the growth of big government as a smoke screen to hide why their true feelings about the president. What President Carter was saying that their are fringe elements out there & at these Tea Party Rallies that are hostile toward our president because of his ethnicity. He wasn't saying all of the opposition toward the president was racism, he was saying there are "fringe elements" that don't like the president because of the color of his skin. And you hear & see people holding signs like "I want my Country Back" I mean what does that suppose to mean anyway? All of the protestors are not racist, but there are a small contigent at these rallies across america who do not hide it. From Nazi signs, to being labled a socialist, compared to the worst of all human beings Adolf Hitler, to being called a "Indonesian welfare Thug like the Tea Party Organizer Mark Williams called the president on CNN the other night, I mean this is ridiculous. As long as you have folks out there like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, other other radical hard-line republican hacks on television & Talk Radio driving this crap, this will go on until the day he leaves office & another thing that has me concerned. The way some people are talking openly about killing the president. They don't have a care in the world. When you have people out there talking about killing the president, then this is the type of stuff you better be very, very worried about. Like the pastor in Arizona who prays for Obama's death:
My question is how far will this type of stuff go & for how long?

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