Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enough! Paul Broun has to go.

Is anyone tired of Paul Broun? I know I am. This man has got to be the most extremist politician in the United States. His views are way outside of the american mainstream. From calling President Obama a dictator who wants total control of the country & the american people, to name calling like marxist, socialist, etc. Broun says Obama wants to create a national police more powerful that our military, to saying that healthcare reform is going to kill people & saying that Social Security is unconstitutional. Even some reoublicans up in the 10th district are growing tired of his acts & extremist views. Broun is an embarrassment to the 10th district & the entire state. But he won't get no challenger from another republican in the primary. Regardless of what he says, the GOP will tolerate his sh** because the fact he has an "R" next to his name. There was a candidate last year Bobby Saxon who got 40% of the vote in that district. Had he had some support from democrats from the state & up in Washington, he probably could have won that seat. He may run against Broun again in 2010 & if he does, democrats need to put as much resources behind Saxon or any other dem running against Broun to send this man packing. Georgia & the 10th district deserves better & Paul Broun is not that person. If there is one republican I feel that can be defeated here in the state, it's Paul Broun. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but there is no way the majority of voters up in NE Georgia support a arch-conservative like Broun.

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