Monday, September 14, 2009

Barnes, Kidd up in Lumpkin County

Access North Georgia: DAHLONEGA - A traditional picnic on the grounds complete with barbecue lunch unfolded Sunday as Lumpkin County Democrats invited party luminaries to take the podium... with the head of the state party declaring that conservatives who protested the Obama administration at rallies around the country Saturday are "mis-guided."

"I do think they're saying government is bad," Jane Kidd said. "I think government is good, we just have to be vigilant."

Among others appearing in Dahlonega’s downtown Hancock Park was former governor and Democratic gubernatorial primary contender Roy Barnes.

Barnes said he's been observing the Republican primary positioning for governor and was amazed. "I don't see fresh and new ideas, really one is trying to be more extreme than the other."

"Gatherings like this I like," Barnes said. "I think it's the way we ought to have all political campaigns running, meet folks and talk to them."

Picnic in the Park chairman and long time local Democrat Patty Rogers said her party’s strength in Lumpkin is stronger than you think.

“This is not a single party county,” Rogers said. “In fact 25 percent of this county voted for Barack Obama. We’re all kind of hidden but this was our way of showing we are here.”

Kidd said meeting the people has always been a campaign strategy.

"Politicians can be people just like us," Kidd said. "They can be your neighbor, they can be somebody you go to church with."

Reacting to Saturday's protest rallies by conservatives, Barnes said it does not seem there can be a civil discussion on the leading hot button issue, health care reform.

"Surely there's a way to talk this out as Americans, have we lost the ability to discuss controversial issues with each other, I certainly hope not."

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