Monday, August 17, 2009

Where's Thurbert?

Where in the world is Thurbert Baker? He is a candidate for governor of Georgia, but you wouldn't know by his absences to democratic events around the state. He hasn't been seen at any of the Law Enforcement events across the state & he is the State's Attorney General. David Poythress, DuBose Porter have been seen at these events, but not baker. He has raised over $700,000 so far in the governor's race. But he hasn't held any events. If you are going to run for governor, you have to raise your profile, get your name out there & build a grassroots organization. I don't see Baker doing any of that.
The best thing for Baker as I see right it is he getting a Federal appointment like U.S. Attorney for North Georgia, a post that was held by David Nahamias, who was named to Georgia Supreme Court by Sonny Perdue. He along with Carl Camon are the only African-American candidates for governor. Camon is doing more on the trail that Baker & might get a fair share of the African-American vote than baker. Thurbert needs to either step up or step out, because this is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

I agree keith. Baker needs to show hmself to the public. You can't win a race & not be visible. If baker were to get a fed appointment, you can pencil Carl Camon in the runoff against either Poythress or Porter. I don't see barnes making it to the runoff.

Keith McCants said...

We'll see. It's too early to tell.

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