Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sumter County Schools Not Good Enough

From the Americus Sumter Observer, an Independent Newspaper:

AMERICUS - The local NAACP is questioning how some members of the Sumter County Board of Education can be concerned about declining enrollment, but sends their children to schools out of the system.

School board member Doug Gooden, a Sumter County employee, sends his children to schools in Ellaville, GA while fellow member Mark Waddell of Sumter Bank and Trust in Americus, enrolled his children in Southland Academy; a school founded in order to segregate White children from Blacks in the school system, according to the president of the NAACP.

"This seems to be showing that they don't have confidence in the system they are suppose to be running," said Matt Wright, president of the Americus-Sumter County NAACP. The local civil rights organization [NAACP] raised the issue after the school board announced during a finance meeting earlier this year that Sumter County Schools were losing funding because of decreased enrollment. Enrollment at Sumter County Schools dropped about 300 students from last school year - which resulted in $1.7 million of lost federal dollars Full Story

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