Monday, August 31, 2009

Post Office in Calhoun County Robbed.

Two men were arrested in Arlington last week within an hour after they allegedly robbed the Arlington post office on Pioneer Road and fled on a stolen four-wheeler.

The two men, one armed with a handgun, jumped over the post office counter about 3 p.m. Wednesday, grabbed the cash from the cash drawer and fled, jumping on the four-wheeler. Only one postal clerk was on duty at the time of the robbery.

The pair wrecked the fourwheeler on Azalea Street about a half mile from the post office and fled through the woods on foot before getting into a vehicle.

Anthony Williams and Jemychal Salter, both 19, were arrested a short time after a Georgia State Trooper stopped the vehicle on Highway 62. A third man, Marcus Hayes, 22, was arrested by sheriff's deputies Thursday afternoon. Authorities recovered approximately $600 which had been buried following the robbery. They also found the .380 semiautomatic handgun used in the robbery at the site of the fourwheeler crash. The suspects have been charged with robbery. Additional charges, including federal charges, and theft ao the four-wheeler were expected.

Crime is an issue that needs to be addressed. Now you have post offices getting robbed. People just don't feel safe anymore.

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