Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Conservative goal: No health reform at all?

From Poltitico:

I knew it.

Despite universal lip service to the idea that there should be some health care reform, some conservative activists are admitting that the goal is no bill at all.

In a conference call of conservative groups, including the National Tax Limitation Committee, the American Liberty Alliance, the “Tea Party Patriots” and others, organizers encouraged their members to pressure Republican negotiators like Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Olympia Snowe of Maine not to back any compromise health reform bill in the Senate, according to notes from an AFL-CIO official who listened in on the call.

The conference call was first reported by Greg Sargent over at The Plum Line. The notes

were also provided to POLITICO.

“The goal is not compromise, and ANY bill coming out this year would be a failure for us,” the call moderator said, according to AFL-CIO’s notes.

And that's why you see conservative groups & organizations just drag this healthcare reform through the mud. They see it as a way to bring down President Obama & a way back to power.

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