Monday, July 20, 2009

A Replay of 1994 on the horizon?

With opposition growing over Healthcare Reform, record spending, rising debt, rising deficits, increased job losses, it's starting to look alot like 1994 all over again. President Obama has to say enoigh is enough & put his foot down to resolve these issues or else democrats will pay the price in 2010. Pres. Obama needs to start getting involved in these critical issues instead of letting the ultra-liberal leadership in the house lead by Nancy Pelosi & Steny Hoyer lead the way
A sur-tax increase by Charlie Rangel of New York with a possible tax on health benefits & tax increase on working families will be POLITICAL suicide for democrats who votes in favor for such outrageous proposals. With opposition growing day after day on the liberal dems healthcare plan, it will become harder & harder for Obama to get healthcare reform passed this year & 2010, an election year.
Right now, the republicans are sitting pretty because if this thing passes along party lines, I predict between 25-40 democrats will lose their seat in 2010. Remember 1994 when Clinton tried to reform healthcare, led by his wife Hillary Clinton. The result: dems lost control of Congress. The republicans have some good ideas that should be included in a reform of our healthcare system. But Pelosi & Company are not willing to accept some republicans ideas for such a plan.
Conservative Democrat Jim Marshall of the 8th District opposes the current legislation saying it does not address concerns of his & Bluedog Dems.

Marshall and other members of the Blue Dog Coalition, including John Barrow & Sanford Bishop, sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer outlining their concerns with the legislation, which they said lacks several essential elements. The issues they said must be addressed include deficit neutrality, reform of the health-care delivery system, protections for small business, rural health equity and a bipartisan approach.

Sanford better take notice. He voted for the Cap & Trade legislation, which is a bad bill in my opinion. If he goes along with the current healthcare bill, he will get a serious challenge from a democrat. Yes a democrat. If he gets defeated, it will be by another democrat. Sorry republicans, but the district is unwinnable for you. Just look at the demographics & you'll see why. But the question will a dem challenge him if he strays away from the Bluedogs? It's very possible.

Also with no answer from the Administration on how to curb the deficit & reduce the national debt, everything right now is shaping up to be a republican comeback in 2010. But the republicans are still not seen favorably right now with the American People. Let's not forget, it was under the republican led congress & a republican president that all of these problems started, first with the rising deficit caused by reckless spending, record debt, & job losses that started under a republican administration.
The same people you see on television everyday blasting away at the spending & deficits like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John Kyl, & other republicans are the same ones that went right along with President Bush when he was doing the exact same thing, so the republicans need to look in the mirror before going after the democrats. Both Parties are running this country in the ground. The agent of change is the agent of the same. I see nothing different under President Obama than I saw in George W. Bush. There needs to be a influx of new blood to congress, whether it's democrats or republicans. No one up there don't know what the hell they are doing. Liberlas preach more spending, conservatives preach tax cuts. Is there anything else different out there besides those two issues. The only person up there who speaks with some sense is Ron Paul, but he is not taken seriously, even within his own party.
I love this country & want it to prosper, but it seems no one in D.C. cares about this country, only to score political points. Pres. Obama has 3 yrs left to get things right & right now he's off to a very bad start. His economic team is ineffective & all need to be replaced by some folks who knows what they are doing. Paul Volcker is a smart guy, but he is being shut out by the more liberal advisors on Obama's economic team.
He needs to go back to the Bill Clinton & Ronald Reagan economic models to get this country of ours out of the deep ditch it is in. If not, President Obama will be a one term president.
I have a candidate for the dems in 2012 if things are not right by then: Harold Ford of Tennessee.

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