Thursday, July 16, 2009

News from Jefferson County. Probate Clerk elected Judge

Asholyn Lampp of Bartow, the current Chief Deputy Clerk of the Probate Court, has won the seat for probate judge in a runoff Tuesday, July 14, against Marnique Oliver of Louisville, a lawyer and partner in private practice.

The race, which was close in at least two precincts and split down the middle in one, resulted in 1,514 votes or 56.43 percent for Lampp and 1,169 votes or 43.57 percent for Oliver.
Of the 581 absentee, early and advance votes, 427 were for Lampp and 154 were for Oliver. In Avera, 86 votes went to Lampp and nine went to Oliver. Bartow’s voters split down the middle. Of the 142 people who voted, 71 or half went to each candidate.

In Louisville, 602 people voted with Lampp receiving 304 votes and Oliver receiving 298.

In Matthews, 76 of the 98 votes went to Lampp while Oliver received 22.

In Stapleton, Lampp received 83 votes. Oliver received 35.

In Stapleton Crossroads, Lampp received 41 votes. Oliver received 54.

In Wadley, Lampp received 183 votes. Oliver received 286.

In Wrens, Lampp received 243. Oliver received 240.

According to Chandrel Evans, the county’s registrar, 10,555 citizens were eligible to vote in the runoff. Only 2,683 or about 25.42 percent, voted.

The term of office for probate judge is four years but because the previous judge, Q.L. Bryant, died in office in March, Lampp will fulfill the remainder of his term, which will end Dec. 31, 2012.

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