Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poythress calls for Barnes to get out of gubernatorial race.

David Poythress is calling Roy Barnes to get out of the governor's race for the sake of the party.
Here are some of his reasons:

- Instead of helping re-build the Democratic Party so it was prepared for victory after he lost to Sonny Perdue, Roy sat silent.

- Instead stepping in to stop the Mark Taylor v. Cathy Cox bloodbath in 2006, Roy sat silent.

Now the Cathy Cox-Mark Taylor duel could have been avoided. Cox in my opinion should have stayed at Secretary of State & then run for governor in 2010, therefore leaving Mark Taylor by himself. I don't know how much influence Roy could have had on that race.
Had Roy not changed the State Flag, he would have been re-elected governor in 2002. The teacher's union was a key reason why Barnes lost, but once Roy changed the flag which made a lot of rural white voters mad as hell & then the 9/11 attacks, there was no way he could have won 9 years ago. I don't know if the rural folks that supported the flag have gotten over that episode, but that remaons to be seen once barnes comes to rural Georgia to try to win their votes again.
Now Poythress is right that there are a lot of dems who do not want Roy to run. Even down here in Macon County, folks who voted for barnes are luke warm to his return. Black voters, which accout for 60% of the county's population really like Poythress & Porter, but not that with Barnes.
Poythress, I predict will surprise some folks when his fundraising numbers come out next week.

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