Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Porter announces Fundraising numbers

For Immediate Release
Pretty good numbers for a guy that some say don't have a chance.

House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter, D-Dublin, and 2010 candidate for Governor, believes an open government is the best government and has never made a secret of how much money he has on hand. His figures were openly reported 9 days ago.*

Since then Porter has added to his numbers to reach a total of $231,250. Only spending $6,181.41 leaves Porter with $225,068.59 on hand.

“We’re excited to have raised this much money in this short of time. This shows we have the ability and support to run an aggressive campaign in the Democratic Primary in the governor’s race in 2010. We have been traveling around the state and are gaining in support with every visit. We have a number of fundraisers planned for the fall and many of our supporters have pledged commitments before the next filing period. This will enable us to get our message out on our priorities for Georgia. I want to thank everyone for this great start so we can join together and move Georgia forward.”

“We set a certain goal, and we’re going to make that goal, and a matter of fact, be beyond that goal,” said House Minority Leader DuBose Porter (D-Dublin), who wants his party’s nomination for governor next year. “It’s gone really well for us.”

Porter, the only candidate willing to say how much he has raised, said he has met his goal of $200,000. While some candidates have said it will take $10 million to $15 million to win, Porter’s sum is still a nice haul, considering he didn’t start until after the legislative
session ended in April. (Candidates are barred from raising money while lawmakers are meeting in Atlanta.)”

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