Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jim Marshall wants Nuclear Power for Bases

Congressman Jim Marshall (D-Macon), a conservative democrat proposes Nuclear Power for all military bases.

Buried deep inside the 650-page House Defense Authorization bill for 2010 is a line item that could bring a host of national security and energy issues to the forefront. The proposal would commission a study, due from the Pentagon by June of next year, to look at “the feasibility of developing nuclear power plants on military installations.”

The bill recently cleared the U.S. House of Representatives. The Senate debates its own authorization bill this week.

While Marshall cautioned that “we’re simply studying the possibility of using military bases,” his proposal is a response to the military’s desire to make its installations energy independent from local power grids.

“It’s important to the military that they have clean, efficient, secure energy,” Marshall said. “And then the nice thing about military installations is that they can help address one of the concerns about nuclear energy, and that is security.”

“I know there’s controversy associated with nuclear power,” Marshall said. “I’m prepared to tackle the controversy if need be.”

I like this proposal by Marshall. With the need for the country to find alternative energy resources, this is a good idea by Marshall. Like Erick Erickson over at Peach Pundit said Jim is one hell of a politician. I most certainly agree with that notion

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