Monday, July 13, 2009

Glanton to seek Buckner's State Senate seat. Buckner for Lt. Governor?.

Clayton Co. Democrat Mike Glanton (D-Ellenwood) will seek State Senate seat 44 formerly held by Gail Buckner (D-Morrow) in 2010. Buckner will run Statewide again, but she didn't say what race would that be. She will either go for Secretary of State again (she ran for the post in 2006) or for Lt. Governor.
Something Buckner said that caught my attention: "there will be a big turnover of incumbents in the 2010 elections because there will be a significant number of senators leaving. And she thinks democrats will take back the majority in the State Senate in 2010.
Now I do believe that some incumbents will retire in 2010 due to the upcoming redistricting which will pit incumbents against each other & some regions of the state will lose seats in both chambers, especially donw here in south georgia.


Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on John Bullock, Gene Maddox, Penny Houston as possible retirees in 2010.

Matt said...

Re: District loses in South Georgia

I wonder if one of the reasons why there are seemingly no candidates running yet for Austin Scott's open seat is that there is a fear that the seat will disappear anyways. Then again, I think the main reason is the fear that Scott will drop out of the governor's race and run for re-election instead.

Keith McCants said...

It's possible HD 153 will be one of the seats that goes away, but I doubt it. Carol Fullerton's East Albany seat will be one most definitely along with Ed Rynders.

Andy Smith said...

Buckner is going to run for SOS again.

I would like to see John Tibbetts run again for district 153 again. Like all office seekers he is short of cash.

Keith McCants said...

Bucknner needs to stay out of the SOS Race. She ran a lackluster campaign back in 2006. Even come to rural georgia. I hope Darryl Hicks run again or someone we haven't heard of yet.

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