Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elections board in Bacon County considers polling site consolidation

Down in Alma, Ga, (Bacon County), Consolidation of polling sites in Bacon County is a real possibility according to the Board of Elections, but first, they want the public’s opinion.

The board decided the change was possible because so many people now take advantage of early voting which is done by absentee or in person at the Douglas Voting District, the location which is slated to become the centralized voting site.

With more than 5753 registered voters in the county, some may worry how the action would affect lines and access to the polls, but the board doesn’t anticipate any problems.“We don’t feel this would put anyone at a disadvantage,” says Elections Board Chairman Larry Carver. “This has the potential to make it easier for many citizens to vote and to save money.”

“We had over 52 percent of our voters participate in early voting last year,” adds Carver, “so over half voted here anyway.”

Last year’s election saw residents of Bacon County … and voters around the country … using this method in great numbers.

The county received the green light from the Justice Department last week to begin the consolidation, but the Board of Elections believes the permission from the Justice Department is only as good as the permission of those the measure would affect.
The Alma Times has this story.

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