Monday, July 6, 2009

Does Thurbert Baker have a issue that will seperate him from all contenders democrat & republican?

That issue is CRIME:
Crime has gone up all over the state in the past year. With record layoffs, high unemployment rates, & recent Gang Activity on the rise, crime just maybe the issue that resonates with the voters more than education or the economy.
There has been an uptick in Gang Related crimes in Albany, Macon, Columbus, Savannah & most of the major cities in Georgia. But it's also has spread to small towns like Blakely, Americus, Tifton, Nashville, & other towns as well.
Some counties & cities have cut services due to lagging revenues that will hamper the efforts of Law Enforcement to combat the rise in crime. When Baker first announced his run for governor one of the things he was going to run on was crime. People scoffed at that saying that the economy & transportation was the major issues facing the state & crime was no where near the radar. Now with it on the rise, crime will be a key issue come the primary in 2010 & the general election as well. Baker has a issue that will separate him for the field in my opinion. But the question is will democratic voters be too blinded by the presence of Roy Barnes in the race & not go for someone who maybe stronger in the general election against the GOP.
The way I look at it, Baker along with Poythress & Porter would make great candidates for the dems in the general election, but Barnes will be the favorite in the primary due to the liberal establishment in the metro Atlanta area & old supporters from 2002. That alone will not be enough to defeat the GOP in 2010. The Black Vote will not be an automatic vote for Baker, but he will get the lion's share of the vote along with Poythress who is racking up endorsements from key black leaders across the state. Baker will be heard before all said is done. Poythress is running more of a General Election campaign that a primary campaign & expect Baker & Porter to do the same if one or the other decides to remain in the race for governor.

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