Monday, July 27, 2009

Cole & Keown considering challenge to Bishop in 2010

Thomasville Times

Two prominent southwest Georgia Republicans told the Times-Enterprise on Friday that they are considering taking on U.S. Congressman Sanford Bishop in the 2010 election.

Georgia House District 173 Rep. Mike Keown of Coolidge and Second District Georgia Republican Party Chairman Don Cole of Cordele are currently weighing the pros and cons of trying to unseat the Democratic incumbent. Bishop has held the Second District’s U.S. House of Representives seat since 1993.

Keown confirmed his interest in the race via an afternoon e-mail to the Times-Enterprise.

“I should be making a formal statement one way or another within the next two weeks,” he wrote.

Cole revealed his potential candicacy during Friday’s “Freedom LIne” event outside Bishop’s Thomasville office. Keown was unable to attend because he was in Atlanta.

“I’m thinking about it, and I know others are, too,” he said. “We are going to come out with a unified ticket, though.”

Cole believes Bishop doesn’t share the values of the voters in his district. He added he is vehemently against the health care reform President Obama and other Democrats are seeking.

“I wish Sanford would read (the House) bill. I’m making the time to read it, and I’ve got a job,” he said.

I have a problem when candidates decide to run for office based on one issue & that is what Don Cole & State Rep. Mike Keown (R-Coolidge) would be doing. As for Cole's comments that Bishop does not share the values of voters in the district, that is just flat out false. I said a while back that Bishop is starting to stray away from the Bluedog democratic coalition, but slowly.
The Cap&Trade bill, well he may get by on that one, but if he votes in favor if the current Healthcare Bill in its current form, he will get his first real republican challenger since Dylan Glenn back in 1996 & possibly a democratic challenger. Sanford better take notice. The district has a 48% black voting population so for in order for a republican to win, there would have to be a enormous drop off of black votes in 2010. If there is a black democrat in the general election for either U.S. Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor or Secretary of State, that number will not go down, but it may just go up.


Matt said...

How winnable is Keown's seat? If Bishop votes for the healthcare bill, he'll have a donation coming my way, assuming he needs it.

Keith McCants said...

Keown's seat seat is mostly in Northern Thomas County, which leans republican. I think this is a case of the 2010 census coming into play as south georgia will most definitely lose seats due to growth in north georgia. I don't know if the seat is winnable by a democrat, but it's worth a try.

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