Monday, June 29, 2009

Will Marshall see a challenge in 2010?

Travis Fain of the Macon Telegraph wrote a great piece in the Sunday edition of the telegraph asking the question: will anyone challenge Jim Marshall in 2010? . The answer is yes. Most likely. But the challenger maybe a fringe candidate, a sacrificial lamb for the GOP just to make Marshall stay in his toes & to ake him sweat a little. The GOP tried a military veteran in Rick Goddard, didn't win, a veteran congressman in Mac Collins, plus two trips by George W. Bush, didn't win, they tried Bibb Co. Commissioner Calder Clay (twice) & still didn't win.
I don't see anyone prominent challenging him in 2010. Their best shot was in 2006 & I said if they didn't get him then, they would never get Marshall as long as he serves that district. Folks keep bringing Austin Scott as a possible challenger. Scott would be a weak candidate, given he barely beat John Tibbets for his HD 153 both in 2006 & 2008.
I hear names like Ross Tolleson & Cecil Staton. Give me a break. Those guys are not about to leave the legislature to get beat by a entrenched candidate.
The only shot for ther GOP to get that seat is if Marshall runs for the senate in 2010 or retire. He was my congressman at one time before being drawn out back in 2005. Even if he were to leave his seat it's no guarantee that a republican would claim that seat. I hope the GOP stop wasting money & time for a seat that they will never win unless something shocking comes out against marshall.

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