Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who's tired of this guy?

I'm tired of seeing this wack job Paul Broun on television. From using words to describe some of President Obama's policies like Marxist, Socialism, Communism, it's unbelievable that someone who says these things could continue getting re-elected. This guy criticizes, but doesn't offer any alternatives like some of his fellow republicans have.
Blake Aued over at OnlineAthens.com got a piece on this Arch-conservative saying Obamacare is going to actually kill people, well he said people are actually going to die under Obama's healthcare plan. Now he saysd his office is going to aoofe their plan to overhaul the healthcare system..
Now I know the district he represents is conservative, but no way it can be that conservative & that extreme. He may not get a challenge next year because of that. If Michael Thurmond wants to move up the ladder, he might want to go for this seat. Broun positions are outside of the mainstream of Georgians so Thurmond would be best positioned to take this idiot out up in the 10th district. Some folks may think I'm crazy, but if Saxon got 40% of the vote on a shoestring budget against this clown, what do yoy think Thurmond could get with financial backing.

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