Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Q&A with Carl Camon candidate for governor.

(1). What made you wanna run for governor of this great state.

I am running because I am an advocate for the voice of the people of Georgia. For decades, the voices of every day working class Georgians has been ignored. My goal is to ensure that our democracy remains strong and that can only happen if "we the people" exercise our right to be heard and respected at every level of state government. Whether you are a democrat, libertarian, independent, or a republican, you have the right to be heard and as governor, under my administration, this will become a reality.

(2) Are you a moderate, conservative democrat or are you a moderate, who is a independent thinker in the mold of Sanford Bishop or John Barrow?

I'm reluctant to be placed in a classification, which in my opinion, alienates you from one person or the other. I am indeed running on the Democratic Ticket, but I am open to doing what is best for all Georgians. One of my endeavors is to encourage open dialogue between both parties, for the benefit of all. I prefer to call it the Democracy Party.

(3) Since you are a veteran, will you be able to peel off some of the veteran vote from David Poythress, who is going after them hard.

Veterans will have to make that decision. However, I will work hard and I am eager to hear Veteran concerns. I am a veteran and if given the opportunity to become governor, I will make it a priority to honor and take care of veterans to the maximum extent.

(4) What is your opnion of the current leadership in charge of the state right now?

It is difficult to lead people you don't know or don't have any affiliation or some type of communication with. In my opinion, many of our leaders have lost touch with real Georgians and their concerns, and as a result, the intelligent voices of the majority of Georgians have been ignored.

(5) If asked will you run for another statewide post like Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate or State School Superintendent?

There are always possibilities. My focus now though, is the Office of Governor. When or Lose? I am in it, to win it. There are a lot of qualified Georgians to run for this office, and I am just one of them have made that choice.

(6) What do you think of the current field of dems already announced for governor.

I respect all of them for stepping up to the plate. However, I am of the belief that many are too connected special interests groups. This connection, in my opinion, can only mean more of the same. The goal of our campaign is to change politics as usual in the State of Georgia. I am confident that the people of Georgia will speak loud and clear in June of 2010 and again in November 2010, for meaningful and long lasting change.

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