Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, Boy! What are the Democrats going to do to avoid a trainwreck in 2010.

With Roy Barnes & now Ray City Mayor Carl Camon entering the race for governor & possibly Vernon Jones on the horizon, the democrats need to step in & avoid a train wreck of a primary. Blake Aued of Online Athens said it the best the party doesn't have a long enough bench to see so many primetime palyers battling for one spot. Here's what needs to happen:
Michael Thurmond, who I said is the pick to run for Lt. Governor ought to stay at Labor Commissioner until 2014 & challenge Saxby Chambliss or run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. The only way I see him running for Lt. Gov is if he receive assurances from Porter, Baker that they will not seek the post.
DuBose Porter who a really like runs for Lt. Governor.
David Poythress should stay in the gubernatorial race. Poythress would be the alternate to Roy Barnes in the dem primary.
Thurbert Baker should run for the U.S. Senate or go to Lt. Governor. I don't see him going back to Attorney General since his friend Ken Hodges have already announced his intentions to seek the seat.
Now here's another suggestion of mine:
Jane Kidd, chairwoman of the Georgia Democratic Party persuade former State Senator Floyd Griffin (D) Milledgeville to run for Lt. Governor again. Griffin last ran for the post back in 1998. Griffin would bring a wealth of experience as a former legislator. He was once mayor of Milledgeville also.
Thurbert Baker (D) Stone Mountain, then goes to challenge Johnny Isakson for his seat in 2010. Like I said I don't see Baker going back to Attorney General because his friend Ken Hodges is already in the race. Or he could just stay in the Governor's race. Baker'a problem will be in the primary, but in the general election, he would be a strong candidate for the party.
David Poythress (D) Norcross, Macon native should stay put in the governor race. His eyes are set on the governor's race & nothing else. Why would he go back to Labor or Secretary of State, post he already held before. He would make a fine candiate for the U.S. Senate also, but the gov's race is do or die for him. He would be a great candidate for the general election.
DuBose Porter (D) Dublin should look at Lt. Governor also. He hails from rural Georgia, which is critical for democrats if they want to reclaim the governor's mansion in 2010. He's too valuable for the dems to have sitting on the sidelines. Porter at Lt. Gov would put rural georgia in play for the dems. One option for him is if Jim Marshall cahnges his mind & runs for the U.S. Senate in 2010 & then Porter could run for Marshall's seat in 2010 or challenge Ross Tolleson (R) of Perry for the State Senate. Both are very unlikely. If Terry Coleman does not run for Agriculture Commissioner, then he should take a look at that post.
Newly entered Carl Camom (D) Ray City down in south georgia, depending how well he does between now & Jan 2010 should stay in the gov's race, but he should look at State School Superintendent, since his background include education in addition to being a veteran of the Airforce & mayor of Ray City. At 40, he is a guy who probably should have set his sights on a State Senate or a House seat. I'm keeping my eye on this young, rural democrat.

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Somebody needs to do something or the dems are going to blow this opportunity big time.

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