Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ken Hodges campaigns for attorney general in Columbus

Former Daughtery County District Attorney Ken Hodges said Wednesday he would make a strong Georgia attorney general because of his 15 years of experience as a prosecutor.

“I am the only one in the race right now that can do the job on Day 1,” Hodges said. “I am the only one who has been a prosecutor. I am the only one who’s tried hundreds of cases. I am the only who has supervised the criminal process.”

Hodges, now an attorney with the Baudino Law Group in Atlanta, is seeking the Democratic nomination for attorney general, an office that is being vacated by Democrat Thurbert Baker, who has announced his plans to run for governor.

Hodges is one of three candidates who have announced they’re running for the post. State Rep. Rob Teilhet of Smyrna is running as a Democrat. Cobb County Commission Chairman Sam Olens is running as a Republican.

The primary is more than a year off on July 20, 2010. The General Election will be Nov. 2, 2010.

He was in Columbus on Wednesday campaigning. He had a breakfast meeting with about 25-30 local supporters. He met with the local Trial Lawyers Association at lunch and was meeting with a Columbus law firm in the evening.

Hodges has family and connections in the Columbus area. His mother lives in Harris County.

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