Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Flag will be an issue for Barnes.

Supporters of the old state flag, the one from 1956 with its dominant Confederate emblem, the change was anathema. So, too, was the fact that voters had no direct say. Many of the flag’s supporters believed a referendum could settle the issue. Many of them stumped for Perdue, and plastered “Let us Vote” signs all over the state. Barnes even blamed the flag for his political demise.

Perdue isn’t running again. Barnes is. The old flag supporters haven’t forgotten.

“It’ll be an issue. There’s no doubt about that,” said Jack Bridwell Jr., commander for the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Bridwell said he was speaking for himself, and not for the SCV.

“There are an awful lot of people out there who are still upset,” he said.

The question is how much if an issue will the flag be for Barnes? When Tom Crawford of Capitol Impact said last week that the rural white vote is gone for Barnes, this must what crawford was referring to. I think it will play a role for Barnes & those rural white male vote may end up going to David Poythress or DuBose Porter.

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Matt said...

The overwhelming majority of people who were and are still mad about changing the flag won't vote for a Democrat anyways. Most of them have since left (or were never a member of) the Democratic Party for whatever reason(s) (including also foreign policy, gay rights, women's rights, religion, race) and will vote against our candidate no matter who he is.

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