Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alright now! David Poythress picks rural endorsements.

Frm the email box:
Now this is what I'm talking about:

I am pleased to announce eight more endorsements from dedicated leaders from three different districts of Georgia. Our travels across the state have brought us face-to-face with public servants who share my vision for a more prosperous Georgia. Earning the support of these community leaders shows the growing strength of our campaign in rural Georgia.

My new friends in Georgia’s Washington have been very welcoming to me. As with many smaller communities across the state, these local leaders are feeling neglected by the current administration and are seeking a candidate with the proven ability to put plans into action. City of Washington council members Maceo Mahoney and Nathaniel Cullars, Sr. know the daily struggles of local governments to balance their budgets, provide needed services and keep taxes low.

Councilman Cullars is a two-term city council member and is widely respected among his constituents for standing up for the little guy. Never afraid of a good ol’ fashioned political fight, Councilman Cullars is in my corner because he believes that I am “the right man for Georgia right now.”

Councilman Mahoney is also a two-term city council member and serves as assistant director of the Georgia Municipal Black Caucus. He believes that I “can give us the fresh, new leadership that Georgia deserves.” And council members Cullars and Mahoney are confident that I understand the positive role that cities play in economic development.

Ms. M.V. Booker, prominent attorney and community activist, has generously agreed to serve as my campaign chair for Washington-Wilkes. Ms. Booker is concerned about education and the survival of small town Georgia. I have earned her support because she sees that I have “the experience and concern for the citizens that is needed in Georgia, especially after the neglect and lack of leadership of the current administration.”

Likewise I am delighted to have attorney Stephanie Woods Miller, managing partner of Taylor Miller, LLC, leading my team in middle Georgia. Ms. Woods Miller is dedicated to rebuilding and reinvigorating the Democratic Party, and she sees me as the strongest candidate in the field. She will use her experience as a field organizer for the Democratic Party of Georgia and her network of other Obama delegates to 2008 Democratic National Convention, NAACP members and young professionals to execute a successful outreach plan.

Don Peacock, two-term sheriff of Upson County, also shares my dedication to the public good. We have known each other for a long time, and all Georgians appreciate his 34-year career as a Georgia State Trooper and his service as an Air National Guardsman. Sheriff Peacock is looking for a Governor who will support our law enforcement leaders, and he is certain that my collaborative style of leadership is just what Georgia needs.

Johnny C. Smith is a former Barrow County commissioner and superintendant of public works for the city of Gainesville. He retired from the U.S. Army after 23 years of service and now sits on the Barrow County Personnel Review Board. Commissioner Smith wants ordinary Georgians to “have a seat at the table,” and he believes that I am the leader who will make sure the voices of his neighbors will be heard.

Elbert County Commissioner John B. Hubbard has also worn many hats in his career. He served as assistant police chief, assistant city manager and city marshal of Elberton. Commissioner Hubbard knows all the details of local government and is a leader in regional economic development. He likes my common sense approach which brings stakeholders together to take thoughtful actions to create solutions to our pressing problems.

Blue Ridge Mayor Robert E. Greene is a U.S. Navy veteran and has served as mayor for 27 years. “I trust him and believe he has the best welfare of the state in his heart and is working for that as his goal.” Rural Georgia is often overlooked by some candidates but not by me. As you can see, my outreach is producing great results!
Right now David Poythress is the only candidate who is getting endorsements from every corner of the state. With all of the focus on Roy Barnes & how the political pundits & the media already giving him the nomination, David is doing the very thing the dems are going to need to take back the governor's mansion in 2010. His broad appeal to republicans, democrats, independents, veterans, & African-Americans voters who make up about 45-50% of the primary vote is what I like to see in a candidate. Forget polls, this thing is a long, long way from being over.

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