Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod: Chambliss & Isakson, the two stooges.

The two Stooges sound off with the Augusta Chronicle.


Everyone knew what Mr. Obama wanted to do when he ran for president, Mr. Isakson said.

"I don't think anybody in Washington expected him to put all of it on the table in the first 90 days," he said, voicing concerns about some of the actions the president has taken. "Government does a lot of things well. Running a business isn't one of them."

His concerns extended to Mr. Obama's budget, especially with the backdrop of the nation's growing debt compared to its gross domestic product.

"It taxes too much, it spends too much and it borrows too much," Mr. Isakson said of the budget.

His colleague shared the concerns, pointing to the $787 billion stimulus package as an example of ill-advised spending.

Mr. Chambliss also said the president's mantra of change hasn't always been apparent, especially when it comes to his cabinet members, who include lobbyists and some who hadn't paid taxes when they were nominated.


Mr. Chambliss said Republicans need to establish an agenda to move forward.

"Right now, I can't tell you what our agenda is, and I'm right in the middle of it," he said.

But the Democratic majority in Congress isn't solid, the senator said, adding that Democrats up for re-election might begin voting against their party.

Despite the perception portrayed in the media, Mr. Isakson said Republicans aren't the "party of 'No.' "

"This business of we're the party of 'No' is wrong," Mr. Isakson said, listing Republican proposals, including ways to address the housing market and ways to stimulate the economy.

Both of these jokes vote the same, talk the same, & act the same. Both voted for the TARP back in 2008, with Isakson having a role in the creation of that bill. These are the same senators who co-sponsered the Gang of 10, which contained a $38 million Tax Increase on the american taxpayer. These two are big government republicans who contributed to the doubling down of the national debt & deficits under Pres. Bush. We missed an opportunity to get rid of Chambliss, I hope we don't miss out on Isakson.

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