Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time for Dems to use National Republican Party against Republicans?.

During the years, the reoublicans have tried to tie democratic candidates & incumbents from Red States or Districts in with the National Democratic Party, which is to the left on a host of key issues. For example in 2006, Mac Collins & the National Republicans tried to tie Jim Marshall, a conservative democrat with the National Democrats saying he voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker & voted for issues that seem out of lockstep with his district, which Mac Collins aides had a hand in along with the Georgia GOP in redrawing back in 2005.
They tried that with John Barrow over in the 12th District as well in addition using where he got his education from. Barrow attended Harvard School after graduating from the University of Georgia. They called him a carpetbagger after the GOP redrew his district, saying he can't relate to rural voters & is out of touch with his district, yet his roots run deep over in eastern Georgia, going back more than 7 generations.
I say the democrats use the same tactic against incumbent republicans & republican challengers. The National Republicans have gotten more conservative, catering to the fringes of the party. They have no new ideas except for going back 30 years, recycling the same old, worn out ideas. Moderates have left them, independents have left them, young folks have left them. Here in Georgia & the south, they are somewhat still popular, but for how long? The have become regional based & the south is their only stronghold left in the U.S.
If the Democratic Party in the South, especially here in Georgia can use the same strategy against republicans & tie them to the National Republicans it will result in more pickups for dems & a long majority in Congress.

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