Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jim Marshall vs. Austin Scott? Mac Collins?

There are some folks out there who are trying to start a draft movement to get Austin Scott , a republican from Tifton to challenge Jim Marshall for the 8th District in 2010. Now let me say this, Scott barely won re-election to his own district twice against John Tibbetts a democrat from Tifton who most likely will run for HD 153 seat in 2010. Why do folks think Scott can beat Marshall? Yes he is young, but being young desn't mean you'll win. What has Scott accomplished during his years in the Statehouse? What qualities he brings to a race aginst Marshall? I don't see it.
Word is the NRCC is having a hard time finding someone to take on Marshall in 2010. They tried Calder Clay twice, both times going down in defeat, they tried Mac Collins, a veteran of congress in a year that was perfect for the republicans to take out Marshall, despite two visits by George W. Bush. The result? Failed. Then they tried a military vet in Rick Goddard, hoping his military background would be enough to get by Marshall. The result: He got his tail handed to him.
Now there are folks wanting Austin Scott to run against Jim Marshall next year. There are rumors that Mac Coillins might run again as well. Hey, it won't matter who runs against Marshall because either against Collins or Scott, Marshall will still come out victorious at the end. Jim is a good comgressman who responds to his constituents. He is a indepdnent-minded legislator that votes what is best for his distirct & the country. Jim is a patriot who loves his country & state dearly. Take Jim out of the 8th district & you will see BRAC coming down hard on Robins AirForce Base when BRAC comes up again.

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Slyram said...

Keith: Good to see your blog is doing so well. I am one of the people who started the whole Scott for Congress rather than governor thing over on facebook because I always thought he could be a leader in politics and policy on another level. While I will not discuss my personal opinion of the flag flap, I will say Scott’s courage during that controversial period is stark on contrast to Rep. Marshall’s failure to endorse Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama last year.

I am a Blue Dog also; I was a Democrat staffer on Capitol Hill when the group formed but I an Obama supporter most of all. In the middle of the battle to have this president, Marshall stood around with his hands in his deep pockets. I mean really deep pockets. I watched a zillion Marshall ads in south Georgia last Fall and he never or rarely mentioned Obama/Biden or the Democrats in general. Of course, I remember his ads when he ran against Collins; those ads were “I worked with President Bush….I am a conservative…I work across the aisle.”

I am not knocking the man for being himself. Actually, I think he would have switched to the GOP if McCain won the election. I want someone to walk up to Marshall and ask him whom he voted for in the presidential race.

I will knock those who supported Obama/Biden without realizing that Marshall did not do the same. Those Marshall ads in south Georgia carried over into north Florida and could have been the difference for Obama with moderates in that pivotal state if the election was closer.

With Obama in the White House pleading with any conservatives to productively discuss policy and direction with him, I knew this time last year that Hillary or Obama would need some constructive conservatives in the GOP conference. (Like Bush had the Blue Dogs.)

Scott is young but he has been in the General Assembly for 14 years. Can he win congress? No, because he won’t run since he doesn’t want to be away from his family.

Could he win? Oh, yeah. If he held most of the Republicans who will vote for their party’s governor candidate and Senator Isakson; then secure conservatives who think the congessional Democrats are too liberal, it will be close. But, then you factor in Obama supporters who realize that Marshall has no love for our guy and Scott is in congress. Would those Obama supporters vote for Scott or go “none of the above.” We will never know.

I know this: the Obama White House could get better constructive discussions from Austin Scott than Jim Marshall and that is a shame.

Finally, I am still ticked that Marshall never stood up for Michelle Obama when the far-right was labeling her as elitist for attending Princeton----his alma mater also. You can mess with Barrack, he is skinny but tough but when you start messing with my sista, it is on. Black Macon never heard any of this because they love the funding Marshall delivers to the region. So, my criticism is not of Marshall but my fellow voters.

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