Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Very short Q & A with David Poythress

Q: "Mr. Poythress you are being compared to ex-governor Joe Frank Harris,
who was a dark horse candidate who came out of nowhere to beat a

better known candidate Bo Ginn in 1982. Is that a fair comparison? "

A; I believe it's a valid comparison. Like Joe Frank Harris I'm a
moderate Democrat who appeals across the entire political spectrum,
and like Governor Harris, I'm going to win.

Q: "And with recent polling showing you beating Handel by 4% & trailing
Oxendine by 4%, do you think more people will now start taking you
seriously as a candidate?"

A: Recent polling shows that Georgia's Governors race is wide open and
that I'm a strong contender.

Q: "There are some saying you don't have the grassroots support to be a
viable candidate if Barnes enter the race. People say if he enters, he
will be the automatic favorite to win. I disagree with that. What do
you have to say about that?"

A: If he enters the race, Governor Barnes will be a credible candidate,
yet I agree with your premise that he is NOT unbeatable.

Q: "Last question will you seek the endorsements of Governor Joe Frank

Harris & Former Senator Sam Nunn?"

A: I have often been compared to both Governor Harris and Senator Nunn,
and I would be honored to receive their support.

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