Thursday, April 23, 2009

D.A. has concerns about proposed new Drug Unit.

The top law enforcement officer in the Southwest Georgia Judicial Circuit expressed doubt that a local drug squad would be effective under the management organization proposed by Grady County Sheriff Harry Young, Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur and Whigham Police Chief Tony Black.

District Attorney Joe Mulholland, (above) expressed his concerns with the proposed city-county drug unit to county commissioners Tuesday.

During a recent planning meeting, which included the sheriff and two police chiefs along with County Administrator Rusty Moye and Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton, Mulholland said he learned that after having been asked to serve on the proposed drug squad’s governing board, the county’s top law enforcement personnel thought it better if the district attorney served merely in an ex-officio role.

“If my name is going to be on the letterhead, I’m going to demand accountability. Otherwise, I’m not going to waste my time. I can’t have accountability without a vote,” Mulholland said.
County Administrator Moye emphasized that nothing had been decided and, ultimately, it would be the two city councils and the county commission who would decide the make-up of the governing board and not the sheriff and two police chiefs.

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