Thursday, April 9, 2009

Casey Cagle to be in Macon County to speak to Chamber of Commerce.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (R) will be in Montezuma to speak to the Macon County Chamber of Commerce on April 23 at 7:00 p.m. Casey is running for governor on the republican side. I'm planning on attending this event in 2 weeks & hope to get a word from Cagle.
Macon County is the second poorest county in the state behind Hancock County. The chamber seems to be only collecting a paycheck because they damn sure aren't trying to attract businesses here in the county. There are alot of political hacks here in the county, some never ever being challenged for their post & not responding to the needs of the citizens of the county. That's why I'm running for Oglethorpe City Council because I would like to :
1. Spur economic development in the city by proposing the city to build a business/Industrial Park.
2. Re-create Oglethorpe High School & make it a charter school to keep our young students from attending schools in neighboring counties.
3. Bring new businesses to downtown Oglethorpe that would benefit the community.

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