Thursday, March 26, 2009

Will the Citizens of Georgia finally wakeup in 2010?

I sure hope so. The last 7 years have been a total disaster for the citizens of Georgia. The GOP have managed to ignore the big issues of the day: Public Education, Transportation, Economic Growth, Job Creation, etc. They have only catered to the Special Interest groups that continue to fund their campaign coffers. Sonny Perdue has been the least effective governor ever for the state of Georgia. He has time to go to sporting events, Galas, fundraisers at country clubs but he hasn't had time to tend to the business of the state.
Education hasn't gotten better under Perdue, neither has quality of jobs, economic prosperity, transportation. Nothing! I hope when 2010 rolls around, the people will finally wakeup & realize that this kind of governing & legislating is driving the great state of Georgia down a road that it will be very difficult to come back from. Like the Corporate Tax bill that will take away around $700 million dollars from the state, which it will create a deficit of $10-12 million dollars around the year 2013 & drive the state debt uo significantly.
The democratic party has no leadership, in my opinion at the state capitol. I'm tired of seeing democrats roll over for the republicans & not put up a fight on things that is bad for Georgia. I like Dubose Porter because he is from rural Georgia & think he would make a damn good govenor, but he hasn't shown enough fight against the GOP to make me think that he can win statewide in 2010. I like Robert Brown, but you only hear from him every so often. He likes to pick & choose his fights.
The only person so far that is willing to take the GOP to task is David Poythress who is running for governor in 2010. He has called them out on issues such as merging black colleges to education. Dems need someone who has the fire in the belly to take these "radical reoublicans" to the woodshed in 2010. This is no time for patsies to be running for governor, Lt. Governor, etc. Now Roy Barnes was a good governor, but does he have the heart & the fire to run again? Maybe. if he does run a Barnes-Thurmond ticket will be powerful for the democrats. But will Roy go to areas that dems have struggled the last couple of years (rural georgia)? It's remains to be seen. We need a fighter in 2010. Not a pushover?

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