Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What in the hell do all of these Tea Parties accomplish? Can someone please tell me.

Let me say this. All of these so called "Tea Parties" are good as far as public relations goes, but what do they accomplished? Throwing tea into a lake, river, etc is not going to turn this economy around. It;s not going to improve our educational system, it's not going to create jobs for millions of americans unemployed. Conservative Republicans are the ones who are to blame for the current economic collaspe in this country. They sat on their asses & let George Bush & his policies run this country into the ground. Plus the same republicans who are doing the complaining about President Obama's policies are the ones who went right along with bush & helped lead this great country of ours into a ditch.
There are going to be Tea Parties held in Warner Robins & Atlanta on April 15. In my opinion all of this is a complete waste of time. I mean what's supposed to come from all of this? Really. State Senator Cecil Staton, who is one of the worst state senators in Georgia is going to be at the warner robins rally on the 15th. All of these tea parties are nothing but grandstanding by conservatives. Now although I supported Pres. Obama, I think his budget is way too big in a time when we heed to practice fiscal discipline & responsibility. But all of this maybe necessary for the country to get out of this rut & back on the road to prosperity. Down here in rural Georgia, we have been hit the hardest by the economic downturn & we are the ones who's paying the price more that anyone.
It's time to stop all of these ridiculous tea parties & get behind this president & support him in his efforts to get this country turned around ASAP. As for Georgia Republicans, well I will address that after the session is over. But in 2010, it will be open season on republicans in this state.

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