Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just who is Jim Butler (D-Columbus)?

He has lived in Columbus, Ga since he graduated from law school 26 years ago. He shoots quail & hooks bass, keeps pointers, settlers, & brittany spaniels: grows cotton, peanuts, & corn & drives a pickup truck in all ways demosrating humility. He has pictures of Abraham Lincoln & Robert E. Lee in his office. Butler, 58 is one of the top plaintiff lawyers in the country. He's won big verdicts against GM, Toyota, Suzuki, National Healthcare Inc & Time Warner. Addd all those damage awards up through the years & the total probably approaches $ 1 billion or more. Butler didn't go to law school to become a trial lawyer. He was laying the groundwork for a political career. Butler's roots go back two centuries deep in Newton County. Butler grew up listening to Civil War stories that his grandmother had heard from her grandfather who also fought in the war. After law school, he excelled in moot court competitions, he had job offers in Atlanta, Augusta, & Cumming, Ga, where he grew up. He has given money to democrats Bill Clinton, Bill Bradley, John Edwards & the DNC. He has tried over 150 cases to verdict winning several verdicts over $100 million dollars. He has been mentioned as a possible candidate to Saxby Chambliss last year, but didn't run, he has been mentioned as a candidate against Johnny Isakson in 2010, but uncertain, as well as the governor of Georgia as well. He's been called a John Edwards clone, except he's more of a centrist that edwards. Butler in my opinion is the democrats darkhorse candidate in 2010. Folks are saying that Isakson is unbeatable. No one is unbeatable, not even Isakson, who's voting record is the same as Saxby Chambliss. The only way I see him running for governor is that Roy Barnes doesn't run himself. There are alot of ambitious dems who want to be governor: Baker, Thurmond, Porter, Marshall. But only one can win.

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