Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Georgia GOP: The party of no agenda.

For 8 years the state republicans have ran this state & there have been no progress since 2002 when accidental governor Sonny Perdue won with the help of flaggers, teachers, etc. The GOP have no agenda for this state only a agenda to cater to their special interest groups like the Georgia Christian Coalition & other right-wing groups. Especially this year when they offered awful legislation that would require voters to show prooof of citizenship before they vote. Like I said before it's aimed at rural voters like me, poor, white, blacks, elderly voters. And a bill to raise the Sales Tax on groceries that will affect the working families of Georgia & at the same time want to cut taxes for corporations & big businesses. Unbelievable! And to top it all off a bill that would grant universal school vouchers to all students in theentire state. I understand that this legislation is still in the senate, but whoever (state legislators) votes for this bill, they will pay a price in 2010, especially down here in rural georgia. Perdue has been a absentee govenor since winning the seat, have used the post to get rich, & let the "RADICAL REPUBLICANS" run wild in the state legislature. I can go on & on with regarding the republicans, but enough is enough. It's time for the democrats to take back the governorship back in 2010 & put an end to this madness. With republicans like Chuck Sims (R-Ambrose), Cecil Staton (R-Macon) & Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) it will be easy for dems to make hay in 2010.

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