Thursday, March 19, 2009

Georgia Democrats need to decide who should run for what office in 2010. No bitter primary fights.

I hope the Georgia Democrats take a lesson from Alabama Democrats Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks & Lt. Governor Jim Folsom decided that the both of them running for governor is not in the best interest for the democratic party & stead they talked about it & decided to run for different post, Folsom for governor & sparks for Lt. Governor. We already have Gen. David Poythress as a candidate & most likely will have DuBose Porter, Roy Barnes & possibly others like Thurbert Baker. These men need to sit down & talk it out like Folsom & Sparks did over in Alabama. There only need to be two candidates running for governor, one for Lt. Governor & the U.S. Senate.
I look at DuBose Porter & he has been waiting for this time to come, having built up a impressive resume, holding key committee positions & championing a key issue: Education that is a concern to Georgia voters. He may well be best postioned to win the governorship for the dems that Poythress even Barnes. Being from Rural Georgia, he has the advantage of getting those votes needed by the democrats to win statewide in 2010. He has deep rural roots, rural heritage & he knows best what is going on in Rural Georgia. If had to make the decision, I would have Porter running for Governor, Baker running for Lt. Governor & Roy Barnes running for the U.S. Senate.
Democrats don't need a contentious primary. Let the republicans have that, let them spend all of their money in the primary. We need to gather our forces together & take back this state that has been neglected by the radical republicans.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about the down ticket races too. For GA state school superintendent we have Richard Woods, Brian Westlake, and Dr. Jeff Scott. I haven't heard any fund raising numbers yet from the first two but Dr. Scott is a former congressional candidate and is well on his way to having $50,000 by July. He may well be the best chances we democrats have to oust Kathy Cox in 2010.

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