Wednesday, March 25, 2009

David Poythress candidate for governor in 2010.

David Poythress, candidate for govenor was on What's Goin' On radio show with Wilson R. Smith of Vidalia back in January & I just got finished listening to his interview, which was a good one & he said something that is really important to me: he realizes that there are democrats all over the state of Georgia, not just in Metro Atlanta, ( he was referring to former gov. Roy Barnes possible comeback for governor in 2010). That is going to be the issue for whoever wins the nomination.
Now I have not endorsed anyone for governor yet, but Poythress seems to have it down that democrats need to get back to places like Vidalia, Ft. Oglethorpe, Hinesville, Americus to fight for those votes that have been taken for granted by the republicans.

In this interview, David Poythress explains why the people of Georgia should consider the conservative leadership of a Georgia Democrat. David is not a new comer to Georgia politics. He has held various state positions, including stints as Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Revenue Commissioner and Secretary of State. In 1992 he campaigned in his first statewide race and was elected State Labor Commissioner. Although he was re-elected to the position in 1994, he ultimately resigned to run for Governor in 1998. Roy Barnes was the successful candidate in that race.

As for the Democrats, they have failed to aggressively take the Republicans to task for their policies. David hopes to change that and give the people of Georgia a clear choice in leadership in 2010.


North Georgia Democrat said...

I have been excited about General Poythress for a while. He gets it, Georgia is a big state. He's from Macon, and he hasn't forgotten there's a lot of the state outside of Atlanta. He has been working and traveling for months.

There's no other candidate or rumored candidate on the D side that can appeal to rural voters in South Georgia or North Georgia near as much as Poythress.

Poythress is who we need if we want to win in 2010.

Sherry Sparks said...

When General Poythress was labor commissioner, he was one of the very few elected officials that understood agriculture and the important role labor plays in producing our crops.

As a candidate for governor, he has made a special effort to talk to Georgia growers about their needs. As governor, General Poythress will vigorously support this important sector of Georgia's economic base, just as he did when I worked for him years ago.

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