Monday, August 20, 2018

Dowmballot Races Are Also Important

We hear plenty about the gubernatorial election, but the candidates who win these less publicized races for things like Insurance Commissioner, Secretary of State and the State Legislature for example could have a more direct, tangible effect on our lives and communities.
But not everyone who goes to the polls actually votes in every race.
Even though the gubernatorial election is the race that is getting the most attention, at the end of the day the politicians that are going to have the greatest impact on your life are the people that represent you at the local level as well as lesser known races down ballot
But why are voters less likely to vote on those down-ballot candidates?
It's because news and information on down-ballot contests are few and far between. This is especially true when compared with the flood of news coverage of the gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp.
If there's no campaigning on the part of a downballot candidate, no communication to the voters, then the voter has no way to even evaluate whether that person would deserve their vote again in the future.
I think it's really important that politicians, when they run for office, make a public statement to the voters saying what they will do if they are elected. It's a really important accountability tool, just as elections themselves are an important accountability tool.
But here's the thing: If fewer people are voting in a race, the votes of those who do cast ballots carry more weight. So if you do make it all the way through the ballot, your vote may give you a bigger voice.

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